Saturday, January 8, 2011

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Monday, December 13, 2010


We at Californiangoans deeply mourn the passing of Mr. Sabino Colaco in Goa.Our heartfelt sympathies to his family here in Redwood City, Savio and Maria Rodrigues.We were honored to meet him when he was here in 2009.He was a part of our San Joao 2009 celebrations as our guest judge for the cooking competition.We will miss him. May his soul Rest in Peace. Amen.

Friday, August 27, 2010


The Californiangoans World Goa Day/Sports Day was organized on August 23rd at Rengstorff Park , Mountain View, CA, USA. This event was a great opportunity for all the Goans to share our culture and heritage not only with other Goans but also with fellow Americans through the various sports events and our home cooked Goan food. Thanks to the team work of all people involved, especially to Franky and Maria, Savio,Sharron and Graciano , Phillip, Jeff, Ruie,Manu, George, Noel, Selvyn and Manuel.We were also blessed to have Fr. Daniel Periera( from Goa) present at the event.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010


Yet another successful  Californiangoans San Joao party.The event started with the traditional San Joao Song followed by Cooking competition, Housie, Lemon and Spoon Race, Tug of War[Marrried v/s Bachelors(mens)], Tug of War[Married v/s Single(Womens)],Cockfight, Soccer[Married V/s Bachelors(mens)] and the 2010 Raffle draw.The day concluded with everyone taking a dip in the lake to celebrate the San Joao festival.

Cooking Competition-
1st Place-Maria Rodrigues(Kalwachi Xaccutti)
2nd Place-Jose Fernandes(Goan Fish Masal)
                 Ruie Fernandes(Add Maas)
3rd Place-Phillip Lopes(Sorpotel)
Jaldi- Mario
1st line-Pelsi
2nd line-Jose
3rd line-Franky M
Lemon N Spoon Race-
1st Place-Jackson & Janice
2nd Place-Fhal & Achita
Tug of War(Mens)-
Tug of War(Womens)-
Raffle Draw-
1st Prize-Jimmy
2nd prize-Orlando
3rd Prize-Tuk Tappa
4th Prize-Flyod Cortez
5th Prize-Godfrey
1st Consolation -John
2nd Consolation -Ruie
3rd Consolation -Vicky
4th Consolation-Joseph
Dominic Manuel-San Joao Banner
Celeste Lourenço-For helping with the San Joao crowns and the props for the party
Mario Fernandes-For being a judge at the cooking competition.
Thereza-For being a judge at the cooking competition.
George Pires-For being a judge at the cooking competition.
Savio-Feni and photos
George Godinho-Chicken Biryani
Jeffi-Water Baloons
Phillip-Event Coordination
Armando-Event Coordination
Ruie- Event Coordination
Maria-Event Coordination
Sharon-Event Coordination
Franky-Event Coordination
Firmino-Event Coordination
---Watch pictures and videos from the event below--

Californiangoans IV Annual San Joao 2010

SAN JOAO 2010_Part 1 of 3

SAN JOAO 2010_Part 2 of 3 ( Californiangoans, California, USA)

SAN JOAO 2010_Part 3 of 3 ( Californiangoans, California USA)