Wednesday, June 24, 2009

San Joao Party 2009

The San Joao party held at Almaden Lake park turned out to be a huge success. Thanks to all the people who helped get the party together and to all who attended. With support like this, our parties will only get better!

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The day started with passing around of the San Joao crown followed by some tasty beef and fish appetizers cooked by chef Carmo Martin. Joseph Lourenco welcomed everyone before announcing the events of the day. Mr Savio Rodrigues read us a letter from Fr Daniel Pereira. Fr, Pereira helped us organize a mass in Konkani earlier in the year. Savio also brought life to the party by singing a few San Joao songs. He was joined by Johnny, Janice Lopes, Maria and Franky Monteiro, and Gracian and Sharron Esteves. Fnally a San Joao toast was made with Goan Feni and the party really kicked off.
Mr Firmino then took over to start the events for the day.

The first event for the day was a tug of war between the Bachelors and the Married Men. The Bachelors triumphed!

Mrs Harriette Pinto, Mr Sabino Colaco and Mr George Pires helped to judge our cooking contest which was next. The choice were difficult to make but we finally had our winners:

1st place- Maria Montiero( sorpotal)

2nd place- Maria Rodrigues(Shrimp caldin)

The next event for the evening was penalty kicks in which George Godinho and Rafael were the winners. George was also the first to score as well as the highest scorer.

The next event was one we all remembered, Needle and Thread, won by Franky Montiero and sharron Esteves
A round of housie provided with the following winners

Jaldi 5- Pelsi

Any line- Ligor

Full House-George

The main event for the evening, and the one we were all waiting for, was the Raffle! The winner were:
1st prize-Jaime Gomez(Raffle #0872) -42 inch LCD TV

2nd prize-Jackson D'souza (Raffle #0885) -Bose Home theatre system

3rd prize-Santosh walker (Raffle #0797) -Hp Laptop

4th prize-George Pinto (Raffle # 0145) -Sony Camcorder

Consolation 1-Janice Frois (Raffle #0862) -Digital Camera

Consolation 2-Jackson D'souza (Raffle #0952) -Ipod

Consolation 3-Phillip Lopes (Raffle #0491) - Tom Tom Navigator

Special thanks to:-

Firmino-for sponsoring raffle prizes

Franky & Maria montiero- For sponsoring cash prizes
George pinto- For the feni( What would San Joao be without the feni)

Harriette Pinto- For assisting in the judging
George Pires- For assisting in the judging.

Sabino - for making the San Joao crown and for assisting in the judging
Anoopam Bhatia- For Sponsoring drinks

Alldrin D'souza and Jimmy- For selling 14 and 11 raffle books each

Monday, June 22, 2009

Konkani Mass Held At Mountain View

A big thanks from the Californiangoans to Fr Daniel Pereira and everyone involved in organising a konkani mass at the Roman Catholic church in Mountain View, California.