Saturday, November 28, 2009

Californiangoans Thanksgiving 2009

The Californiangoans Thanksgiving 2009 was held at George and Olivier's Place on 26th Nov. Thanksgiving which is traditionally a American Family celebration began when the pilgrims who first came to America shared their first harvest with their neighbouring Indians to give thanks to them for teaching them how survive the dreaded winter.Our Thanksgiving celebration was a opportunity for all of us to take a break from our hectic life and to get together with our friends and family and enjoy some home cooked Goan food.
Thanks to the following people who helped make Thanksgiving happen:-
George and Olivier-For being the hosts and for the barbecue
Maria Monteiro-For Biryani, Aad Maas, shrimps
Sharron Esteves-For Xaccutti, beef cutlets
Maria Rodrigues- For Caldin
John & Franky Fernandes-Beef fry and Salad
Frank Monteiro-Pudding
Celeste Larson-Pumpkin Pie
John Fernandes-Fruit Carving(pumpkin & fruits)
Derrick Coelho-Fruit Carving(Watermelon)
Mr. Sabino & Mrs. Bernadette- For Performing Prayers to bless the occasion.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Californiangoans Calendar 2010

The Californiangoans Calendar 2010 will be ready shortly. All proceeds of the sales will go to the Club.If you would like to see what the Calendar is going to look like please click on the picture below.
Special Thanks to:-
Savio Rodrigues, William Rodrigues(Goa) and Raj Tilak Naik(Goa)
who worked hard to make the Calendar happen.

<<<<<<<--------CLICK ON THE PICTURE