Monday, February 15, 2010


The Carnival is held in Goa in February for three days and nights. It starts when the legendary King Momo takes over the state and the street comes alive with music and color. The week long event is a time for lively processions, floats, graceful dances and non stop festivity. The origin of the word Carnival is still disputed, some say it is from the Italian word Carnevale meaning "End to the Meat" and is an expression of the 40 day fatsing period of lent during which people abstain from eating meat. Another explanation comes from the term "Carrus Navalis" (ship cart), the name of the roman festival of Isis, where her image was carried to the seashore to start the sailing season. The festival consisted in a parade of masks following the adorned wooden boat that would reflect the
float of the modern Carnival.
The pictures are from an old Goan Carnival by Late Alfred Vaz and a more modern Goan Carnival

Image borrowed from wikipedia