Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

North Goa V/S South Goa (Match IV)

North Goa reclaimed their Soccer title today after defeating the South 7-4.Both teams were tied 3-3, but during overtime the North Goans scored 4 more goal giving away just 1 to claim victory.
Team line was as follows;
North Goa:- Caitano, Gracian, Phillip, Ruie, Joseph L
South Goa:- Clifford, Pelsi, Joseph, Franky F, Frances(Sub), Firmino(Sub).
Scorers:- Ruie-3, Gracian-3, Phillip-1, Franky-1, Pelsi-1, Joseph-1, Clifford-1.
Final Score:- North Goa -7 South Goa- 4
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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Yet another great party, thanks to all the people who made it happen. Like all the parties that we have this was another great occasion for all off us to get away from our busy schedule and meet our friends and family, helps keep "The Goan" in all of us alive.Special thanks to DJ Stanley, Jimmy, David and friends from the Bayarea Sound Wagon company who provided some great music, kudos to some great vocals by our very own Savio and Armando and thanks to all the people who labored hard to cook us some delicious Goan food.
Thanks also to:
Franky and Maria Montiero-For some great Prawn Balcheao, Gobi Manchurian and their time to help set up the place.
Savio and Maria Rodrigues- For Goan Tandoori Chicken and Chutney sandwiches.
Phillip and Janice Lopes- Beef Chili fry.
Mario- For the Veggie Caldin.
Franzie and Sharon- For Chicken Xaccutti, Fish fry and Rice
Graciano- Salad
Alldrin- Fruit Salad.
Ceaser-For making sure we got some hot food all night
Sabu(owner of Sitara Indian Restaurant)-For providing us the location year after year.

Californiangoans Easter Party 2010